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The consent form should be read, filled out and signed by the client

Consent Form

The consent form should be read, filled out and signed by the client at his/her first eyelash extension application appointment. It projects both the stylist and the client, serving as an agreement whereby the client acknowledges the possible risks associated with the eyelash extension application service and provides informed consent. If the individual receiving lashes is under the age of 18 years old, a parent or guardian should also sign the form in the designated space.

Thank you Card/ After Care

This is a must have! Detailed and easy-to-follow instructions on how to care for the new Eyelash Extensions during the critical 48-hour curing period and beyond, plus descriptions of retail products! Also, includes an appointment section to remind your client of their next appointment date and time. Proper care and maintenance will ensure your clients’ lashes remain as beautiful and luscious as they are on the day of their appointment.

Client Profile Card

Client Profile Cards are a fantastic way to keep track of your clients and their important information.


Health & Safety Protocols for Micrylium BioTEXT & BioMERS

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